People use the internet to compare prices, shop, and to take advantage of other services, which is making pre and after-sale support more and more important to them. To provide a great user experience and satisfaction, someone needs to be available to provide additional information to the users. The simplest way to achieve that is with a phone call, since the user can simply explain where on the website they are located, and what they want to know. This worked when people only used their computers to browse and could easily call to obtain additional information. It gets harder, if they are using just their smartphone. The need to find the phone number, and browsing the website while also participating in a call noticeably worsens the user experience, possibly costing you a customer.

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That's why you, as a website manager, need a direct communication channel to your users and as much useful data as you can get about them (who is the user, what's their history, etc.) at the start of communication. Some times text messages will suffice, other times a video connection will be needed; for example, showing damage directly to an insurance agent.

KliP - "CLICK2TALK" solves these kinds of problems. It is a widget that is installed on your website and allows your visitors to communicate directly with you (text, audio, video, screen) and works as a contact form outside business hours. In addition to that, KliP can be used by your employees for internal communication (similar to and with the same functionality as Skype).



Boosting your online sales

The most direct connection with your online customers

A customizable widget

An easily customizable widget enabling communication on your website

Direct communication

Receive and reply to messages, share pictures, video, screens with your visitors

A universal client

Works in web browsers and an app is available for: iOS, Android, Windows


Can be easily integrated with other back-end systems


Emphasis on security, data stored in country of your choice
Compliant with EU's GDPR directive


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Internal users:
1 - 10
Text chat and a widget for your website
Deployed in an available country of your choice
Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows 10, web browser
Direct support
KliP + extras
Internal users:
1 - 10
Text chat, audio, video, screen sharing, and a widget for your website
Deployed in an available country of your choice
Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows 10, web browser
Direct support

* The monthly subscriptions are valid if you order KliP with an annual billing cycle.


KliP screenshots (web browser)


Customizable widget on your website


Direct channel between your visitors and support personnel


Messages, file transfers, screen sharing

Internal communications

Additional communication between your employees

Audio and video chat

Audio and video communication

Video conferencing

Multi-user video conference rooms

Various client settings


Customizable interface

Customizable user interface for client app and web widget


KliP is a part of the IoChat platform and line of products.

IoChat is a secure self-hosted WebRTC platform that can be easily integrated into any product to enable live communications with your users.