KliP sends the text messages from your website to the IoChat server, located at an available location of your choice, which passes it on to your client (web browser or application). Audio and video connections are usually direct, from your website to your client, without being forwarded through the IoChat server. Only in edge cases, if there are complicated firewalls in between, is the IoChat server used to forward the data. By our estimates that happens in less than 20% of cases.

The IoChat server also serves as a signalling server. This means handling data about the users' presence, their status, and similar.

All communications are 100% encrypted in all cases.

If you would like to have full control over the IoChat server, you can install it at your own location (

The signalling data and text communications are stored on the IoChat server. Your administrator has full control over all stored data. The data can be archived or deleted when not needed anymore, either after a pre-selected time frame, or on request by a participant in communication (compliant with the GDPR directive).

Audio and video communications are not stored on the server or recorded.